Yahoo Unveils Public Details Of "Panama" Ad System Upgrade

Yahoo’s finally gone public with details about its new "Panama" ad system upgrade, which when launched later this year will bring the system up to matching what Google’s long offered, though both Yahoo and Google will remain behind Microsoft’s third-generation ad platform "adCenter," launched last week. Details have leaked before, but now Yahoo’s doing the talking directly.

You won’t find the new system or features in place today. Instead, all that’s happened today is that Yahoo is giving the many ad management companies and others who programmatically access the Yahoo system through APIs more information on how things will work, so they can start building support.

The system itself won’t start changing until the third quarter of this year, sometime between July and September, Yahoo says. The switch will mean that you’ll be able to build campaigns of multiple ads linked to multiple keywords. But the ranking system won’t change. Those campaigns paying the most money per click will still come up tops first.

SOURCE: Search Engine Watch

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