Tips for Your Law Firm Online Marketing Strategy

The start of the New Year is a perfect time for you to upgrade your web site and implement some new things into your online marketing strategy.

There are a lot of different things you can do now with your law firms website. The first thing you should consider doing is upgrading your site and its content. Then creating a blog, facebook page, LinkedIn account and Twitter account are all solid new year ideas.

Below are some tips for your 2011 law firm marketing campaign.

Fine Tune & Upgrade Your Website: Most people will land on your site before they decide to communicate with your law firm. Your website could be what causes your phone to ring, so take the time this year to really clean it up if you haven’t already done so. Sometimes all you need is just a little bit of fine tuning which doesn’t have to break the bank.   I would suggest that you upgrade your existing site to a wordpress site so that its easier for you and anyone in your firm to make updates to your site and/or blog.

Law Firm Blogging: Its key to have a blog BUT you must keep it updated with fresh content. The way you approach your blog often times adds credibility to your law firm. Try blogging at least once per week and create links to the different pages within your site.

Create Facebook Fan Page: Creating a facebook business page for your law firm is a must these days. Facebook fan pages now have a vast variety of additional plugins a company can ad in order to increase the user experience. Facebook fan pages bring a variety of branding and credibility efforts to the table.

Start Tweeting: Twitter is no longer just a little fad.  It is a real business tool that can be used to increase awareness, business and overall website traffic. Are you still skeptical about using Twitter to help grow your business? There are a variety of case studies that show a staggering number of large and small businesses in the U.S that have been successful in significantly growing their businesses using this amazing communication tool.

Either  way, its a good idea to at least get a twitter name for you and your law firm. Its free and its pretty easy to setup and start tweeting, there a number of benefits including SEO benefits, so create your law firm twitter account today, or hire me!