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Looking to get your law firm up to date with Artificial Intelligence?  

Set a free phone call with us to talk further about having a custom Chatbot that takes your content (Website, PDFs, Videos, Images, etc) AND the power of ChatGPT 4 to create a very helpful assistant for your law firm. 

This chatbot can be trained on your data, and other helpful data to not only help with the obvious customer service, and lead generation.

YET it can also be a private chatbot that only your lawyers use to do legal research, document analysis and other things related to your cases and content. 

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🎉 Meet LegalBot: Your AI-Powered Law Chatbot

Legal Search Marketing is excited to introduce LegalBot, a transformative AI chatbot service exclusively designed for law firms.

LegalBot, powered by OpenAI LLM and ChatGPT-4, harnesses the power of AI to deliver personalized, relevant responses based on your unique content.

This is NOT your Chatbot from 2022! This chatbot offers SO much more because it can:

  • Be trained on all of your companies data including your website, FAQs, PDF’s, YouTube Videos and much more.
  • Then it has the power of ChatGPT 4 to help answer any question your clients might have.
  • You can also have a private chatbot for your legal staff and lawyers to do Legal Research, and analyze documents, and many other things. 
So as you see, this is something every Law Firm should have, today.