Track Your Lawyer Reviews

Reviews for Lawyers

Reviews these days are everywhere and it seems like people expect to see reviews before making a purchase.  Having NO reviews can sometimes look bad, especially if your a bigger law firm.  People expect to see something!  So there are a lot of places for lawyers where reviews come into play, legal specific sites like AVVO are really important and it makes sense to have good reviews if someone finds you on AVVO.  YET more important these days are your reviews at GOOGLE.


Google My Business Listing

Every law firm has a Google business listing. The first step is making sure its verified with Google by claiming the listing and having Google call your business phone # or send you a postcard at your address.  Either way once you verify your listing, you can then edit your listing and add content, photos and videos.   THIS is also the place where clients can leave you a review.  SO if your going to get a review, it would make sense to get it here if possible.   Google will also list your reviews in some cases from other sources such as AVVO, but the Google reviews are what people will see when visiting your Google plus page.   Also the reviews can stand out on your local listing if setup correctly.  This can make a big difference if you have ten 5 star reviews and your the only listing that has the reviews visible within search results.

OTHER REVIEW SOURCES – Monitor Your Reviews

There are many other sources of reviews including Yelp, Yahoo Local, Superpages and many other possible places that someone could leave a review about your law firm.  It makes sense that you have someone monitor for any possible reviews, both good and bad.   There are a number of services that will let you check your current reviews and then setup alerts for new reviews.


How do you get new reviews is the big question? YELP says you shouldnt ask for them, while Google seems to be a little more relaxed on this, they still dont want any false reviews.   Sometimes people will try and get fake reviews and I guess it could work, but in the long run you want to focus on getting real reviews from real people.  So you have to take action here and make it EASY for your clients to leave a review for you.  There are many ways you can setup a page that will make it an easier process for your client to leave a review.   I have a client handout that I use that can be customized to your law firm that can be sent to your clients or handed out to them.  Its part of the Lawyer Review Campaign service I offer.   I can assist your law firm with the following
#1- Audit your current firm and any reviews you now have and produce report
#2- Setup advanced monitoring software to monitor any reviews you might get
#3- Setup system on your site to have clients leave reviews, with instructions how to leave reviews at different review sites.
#4- Custom PDF Review document that can be given to your clients with instructions on how to leave reviews
#5- LAWYER Monitoring service.  We will show you how your lawyers are coming up in Google searches and how the search listings can be improved by removing negative stuff and moving more positive stuff onto first page of search results.

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