SEO For Solo Lawyers

Search Engine Marketing for Solo Attorneys

Are you a Solo Lawyer that needs SEO help?  You really should do all you can with SEO in order to give yourself a chance at beating the big guys of the world.  Its possible for a solo attorney or small law firm to achieve as good or better SEO organic and local seo rankings.

Its not easy but it can happen! The key is want to create a shit load of high quality content and just write your ass off.   Just like if you were preparing a brief for a big case and needed to do weeks of research, same thing here. Just write it all down and put it into blog posts.

Keyword Research for Lawyers

 You always want to do some keyword research to see exactly what keywords make sense to focus on.    Also if you are a personal injury lawyer who lives in Pennsylvania, then there are a lot of possible keyword combinations you could be ranked for.   You want to find keywords related to your practice and location, but also that you can rank for.   You cant rank for personal injury lawyers usually, or just ynt to create a LOT our town and lawyers. Sometimes you have to find long tail keywords and get multiple blog posts ranked for many different keywords.

Longtail Keywords for Attorneys

Longtrail keywords are just simply searches that contain more then 4 keywords, sometimes 10-12 keywords.    You want to try and rank for all things a user might search that relates to what you do. SO a good thing to do is check a site like Answer the public and find out what questions people are asking.  These are usually longer searches like “What do I do after a car accident?” or “how do I find a great personal injury lawyer?

SEO Audits for Attorneys and Law Firms

You want to have an SEO audit of your law firm website done and see where you stand right now.   You want to see where your ranked, how many links you currently have how many citations you have and a number of other factors that go into getting your lawyer website ranked at Google.   We can do a video audit that shows where your site is ranked and other key metrics using top paid search marketing tools.      ** Fill out the FREE Consultation Form

Content is King and Queen

Writing content for your solo law firm website should now be your side job.  Write articles related to your law firms practice areas and what you do in real life.  Do videos where you are talking to people and answering questions potential clients might have.   People like to see real people when hiring a lawyer and if someone sees you talking, it might make a big difference.  You want to write content, create videos, create images and infographics for your law firm practices.

Getting Links for Your Solo Law Site

You want to make sure you get links to your website and not just to your homepage.  You want to get authority links and relevant links, and hopefully they are DO Follow links, which means link juice passes to your site and you get credit for the link.    If you are a criminal lawyer, you want links from other legal sites, criminal law sites are best.   Yet you want links from everywhere you can get. Social accounts, client sites, directories, legal directories and everything else where you could possibly get a link.  This IS NOT EASY and it usually doesnt happen on its own, UNLESS You create great content that people find and decide to link to because its a great resource.