Free Keyword Research Tool for Lawyers

Keyword Research Tools for Attorneys – Ubersuggest

Neil Patel is one of the top SEO’s in the world I would say, and hes my 2nd favorite SEO guru behind Nathan Gotch of Gotch SEO.     Yet Mr. Patel here has made paying for keyword research a thing of the past.   In the old days if you wanted great keyword data, you needed to pay a good monthly fee to one of many top sites that offered keyword research tools.   I would always use wordtracker back in the day, and many many others.

Ubersuggest is 100% free

Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool and its one of these totally free things, where you dont need to enter your email or any other info.  He has bought this piece of software and then simply added it to his site and its just open for anyone to use.    It does a great job and from my research, it has solid keyword volume numbers.

Keyword Research Info

If you do a search for example for the term of “Personal Injury Lawyers”, it will tell you a number of things about that keyword. It will give you its overall search volume, in this case 40,500 visits per month.   Then it also gives you 1-100 rating difficulty scores for both organic seo and paid seo.     Then it also lists how much this keyword would cost on average to get a top 3 ranking with Google ads.


Other Keyword Research Ideas or Related Keywords

Then of course you want to get other keyword ideas for other related keywords.  As you see below, for personal injury lawyers, it will then list other keywords that you would want to use on your page.  These are LSI or related keywords and there are a few different ways to find these but the idea is that you want to let Google know exactly what your page is about.  Have the main focus KW is important, but if you also have these other related keywords on the page, it gives better signals to Google on what this page is about.

Other Keyword Research Tools for Lawyers

Google has the Google keyword tool, but this is only free for people who are running google adwords, now known as Google Ads.     Then there are other free tools, and then many of the other big SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz and others all have some kind of built in keyword research tools that will show you keywords related to your main keyword.

Keyword Research for Attorneys on Budget

Using this tool can give you a lot of great ideas for keywords to use in your content. It will also show you how much competition keywords have and how difficult they might be to rank for Google organic seo for lawyers rankings.   It will also give you a good idea of how pricey some of these keywords can be, some can be over $150 per click, which is crazy and why you must focus big time on getting better organic rankings at Google.