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If content is King, unique high-quality content is emperor and then some!   Everyone now knows what duplicate content is and how you don’t want to just cut and paste content from one site to another, or from one page to another in your legal site.

You want to make sure you high top quality content that is 100% unique and will pass the copyscape test.  You want unique content for all of your practice area pages, and then you want to create unique content on an ongoing basis via your blog.   Here you want to create content around long tail keywords that are related to your legal practice.

Your lawyer SEO depends on you having unique content all around.  It seems like Google really wants all of your content to be unique and you might not get a penalty if you use duplicate content but your for sure not getting any credit from Google if you simply cut and paste another article you found on the web.

Same thing if you take the content from your personal injury page and just paste it into a new blog post and add a few new lines of content. That will never work and you need to just from now on go by the motto of “Make every piece of content unique”.

This means you don’t want to just take an article you wrote and used as a guest post, as the same content on your site, or any other site.   From now on, you must only use content one time.  If you use it on your blog, never use it anywhere else. Google knows, believe me!

Use Copyscape to check for Unique Content

There are a lot of tools you can use to find duplicate content but the best way is to run it through the copyscape tool, this will check the entire Internet and even if there is just a chunk of that content on some other site, it will let you know.  You want to go for 100% unique content, not 95, 100 only.  Visit


There are a lot of different tools you can use to help create your content and you dont want to take any chances of having duplicate content. You need to make sure you do a few different things with your attorney content, but the main thing is to not repeat things on different pages.

You want to make sure you have unique TITLEs and Description tags on each page.  Then you dont want to have the same block of content on every page, mix it up. Change things around and rewrite stuff.

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