Pay Per Click Marketing for Lawyers, Worth It?

Lawyer Google Adwords Marketing

PPC for Lawyers, Good Idea?? –> YES 100% for Sure, if Done Right!

Pay per click marketing for law firms is just another way to bring potential clients to your website.   Yet for some lawyers., its the only way!  Yet really you should always be doing something towards organic and local SEO for lawyers. It just makes sense when your paying $77 a click, or even higher.  I had a lawyer the other day have some bids at over $170!   This is what happens when you do personal injury PPC marketing for lawyers, it gets really really pricey.  So does Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, DUI, Criminal Defense and many others.   That doesnt mean your going to get a ton of cases if you decide to also bid, you might but its going to cost for sure and you have to test out things to see what works best.

Lawyers Google Adwords Marketing

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Google Adwords for Lawyers Done Right

A lot of lawyers and other businesses try to do Google adwords with not the greatest success.  Most of the time they are making one of many PPC mistakes such as:

  • Allowing Google to choose how much they will pay for you so they can Maximize Clicks

  • Doing only Broad Match keywords… Which is the default and seems like the right thing to do, yet its not big time

  • Not setting up Conversion Tracking or Performance Goals

  • Putting all the keywords into one campaign and one ad group

  • Not bidding on the right keywords, or enough keywords

  • Using the HOME PAGE as the Landing page, on every ad!

  • Choosing a super high of an amount to bid and as a budget.

This list can go on and on.  Its really easy to mess up Google adwords or just not set it up right.  This is why you have to constantly monitor it and check the results and how much you are paying per click.     You also need to make sure that you have a high Google Quality Score and this is done in a variety of ways but mainly via a great landing page

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—> Free PPC and Google Adwords Analysis for Lawyers

4 Reasons a High Google Adscore Will Save Your Legal Practice Money

Reason #1 – Quality score affects your CPC: Google has a tough job when it comes to AdWords. They want to make money, but, at the same time, they don’t want to lower the quality of their search results.

So how do you balance this?

Google came up with their ad rank formula.

Since your ad rank is determined by some formula involving multiplying quality score by CPC, this means that one way you can decrease your CPC, is by improving your quality score.

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Google AdWords for Law Firms Tips

Google adwords is not the only game in town.  Instead of competing with everyone for the right to be #1 and spend $99 a click, why not instead goto Bing and take that $99-999 you just saved and invest it in a PPC campaign here? Usually the keywords are cheaper and you can make your budget last longer.   Not always the best conversions but really you never know where your next client is coming from.   You want to be covered and you really need to be everywhere these days.  Local, organic, video, Facebook, twitter, Youtube!

So at Google adwords you want to make sure your doing keyword research and checking out your competitors for starters.

** PPC Marketing Tip #2 for Lawyers 

—> If your competitors have been doing Google adwords pay per click marketing for years, odds are they have figured it out and its working. SO you can easily find out what they have been bidding on, how much they are spending, the exact ad copy and much more.    You can also figure out what keywords are working best and which ones you should be bidding on.  *** We can tell you EXACTLY what the ads and keywords are ***

Google Adwords for Law Firms – Free Analysis

Let us help you create a new PPC account at adwords OR fix an existing account.   Do you think your account could be working better? We will take a look and run a free PPC analysis and let you know what your doing right and wrong, and what your competitors are doing, exactly.

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