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Artificial Intelligence help for Law Firms

Welcome to the brave new world of artificial intelligence in law, where robots don’t take over – they take care of the tedious stuff.

Our focus at Legal Search Marketing is to make life easier for law firms, below are a few legal AI services that can help you today. Contact us for a free phone call or fill out the free AI estimate form. 

Main AI Services for Lawyers 

🤖 Custom Chatbot for Lawyers Service

Meet your new digital assistant who works round the clock, skipping coffee breaks. Train a custom AI model that has the brains of ChatGPT 4, and all of your firms data.  Helps with customer service, lead generation and more. 

🤖 AI Automations for Law Firms: 

Automation is the key and you can use AI to automate certain tasks, including having content created, updating social media profiles and more. 

🤖 Legal Content Creation Services:

Creating high quality legal content that is long form (3000 words plus) and optimized for onpage SEO is no longer a big deal.  Let us show you the best quality content, that can also be automated to post weekly or daily on your wordpress blog. 

🤖 AI Consulting for Law Firms: 

Let us help your law firm with other artificial intelligence services.  Legal research, document analysis, document management and other things can now be done with AI. 

AI Solutions for Law Firms in 2023

Things like custom chatbots that are trained on your firms data, and can then answer just about any question a potential or current client might have are things that now can be setup for a very low cost.  This AI chatbot legal assistant works 24/7, is personable and funny, and actually will get smarter over time. 

Also as everyone knows, high-quality content for law firms can be a challenge to create. Its hard to ever get the attorney to justify the time it takes to create a 3000 word long form piece of content. Not to mention inserting videos, images, authority links and other things it takes for Google SEO these days. 

So we also provide AI automation services, including  a brand new content creation service that will not only create high quality 2000 plus word document that are fully SEO optimized in every way, but also can be setup so it automatically then connects to ChatGPT, and then to your social accounts, and a shortened summary of the blog post is then published to your social media accounts. All done automatically. All unique content, that will pass any AI detector or plagiarism test. 

This content is created by using AI legal models that are trained on all legal related data, so this is like having a guest legal professor from Harvard deciding to write your content.

THEN we also have a multiple-step process that includes human editing and fact checking.  This is high quality content that was never possible before, so why not just  test it out and see that it works. Then setup a monthly service where we will provide high quality content for your legal site and blog. 

Explore the links below to discover the many faces of AI and how we’re bringing this revolution right to your law firm’s doorstep.


AI for Law Firms

There are many things you can do with AI these days from creating content, emails, artwork, videos and more. Yet for law firms, there are some specific things that you can use AI for. Things that were NEVER possible before. Its here, and why not have AI and automation make life easier for you and your firm? 

AI-Powered Legal Research:  This has always been possible to do some kind of legal research using tools like Lexis, but now with ChatGPT and other AI tools, there is a lot you can do with legal research these days. 

AI in Document Review and Management: Say goodbye to the document dread with AI on your side. This is another area where Artificial Intelligence can come into play for your law firm. You can do many things using AI to manage your documents.

Predictive Analysis with AI: Look into the future of your case with predictive analysis, courtesy of AI. This is another advanced thing with AI that is not as hard or expensive as it was in the past. This is the kind of thing your competitors are going to be utilizing to win cases, it just makes sense.

Learn more about AI

AI is no longer that sci-fi dream. It’s as real as that morning cup of coffee that jumpstarts your day. From legal research that’s faster than you can say “objection” to predictive analysis that would make Nostradamus blush, AI is reshaping the legal landscape.

Why not explore the options that will make your law firm better, faster and more efficient.  Things move fast in the world of AI, but there are a few things that every law firm should consider investing in right away.

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