Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media for Lawyers consists of two main parts…..

#1 is Social Media Management and #2 is Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Management program is the one to start with usually.  Just like you want to make sure you have a website for your firm, you also are now expected to have social media accounts as well.  So at the very least you want to make sure you have a Facebook page for your firm, a Twitter Account, a YouTube Account and a Google account.   Then in addition Linked In, Pinterest and even Instagram might be good ideas to at least setup and link to your website.

Lawyers first off need to HAVE Social Media accounts, but once you do, then you need to have them managed or they just look stagnant and really don’t work for you in any way.  You want to make sure that your updating these accounts on a regular basis, building new fans and followers and engaging with your followers.    That’s a lot of things to do!

**** THE PROBLEM =  Creating the new content, images and videos and then somehow managing to post the new content on all these different accounts.

**** THE SOLUTION = Having us manage your Social Media Accounts & creating unique content and images on weekly basis.  Then setting up a Content Calendar to post at certain accounts during certain times of day. 

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We have a special social media management program for lawyers that includes the following:

  • Review and Optimization of your main 3-5 Social media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Pinterest)

  • Setup of any social accounts you do not have already setup – Includes graphic work for accounts.

  • Setup of all social media accounts in special Legal Social Media Management Software that will keep track of all accounts, post content and images to all social accounts.

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PRICING–> $500 FLAT Fee to Setup Program ; $250 per month for ongoing monitoring, content, images and more.

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Social Media Marketing Program for Attorneys

The Lawyer Social Media Marketing Program is another way to advertise your law practice and possibly get new clients.    A lot of lawyers do not use social media at all, let alone for marketing.  So that should mean its wide open for those that decide to use it!   No doubt most of the time I see that getting clicks are cheaper at facebook ads vs. Google adwords.  Sometimes WAY cheaper, like 50 cents vs. 10 dollars.   Not always and its getting more expensive but you can set a low budget, create some video ads that only show your law firm to people in a specific zipcode, people who make a certain amount of money or a number of other criteria you can use when creating custom audiences.   Each audience is a different set of people who will see your ad.

The main social media accounts every lawyer should have right now are 

#1- Facebook

#2- Twitter

#3- LinkedIn

#4- Google

#5- Pinterest

#6- YouTube

So first off you want to make sure these social media accounts are setup and optimized with images for your logo and banner. Then you want to make sure that you update these accounts to some extent.  THEN you can also use these accounts for some form of paid advertising.  At each platform they have some kind of advertising option, yet you have to have an account setup in order to advertise.

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