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Quality Score, aka QS is super key when it comes down to how the whole Google adwords formula works.     

Just because you spend the most money, doesnt always mean you are going to be #1 when bidding at Google adwords. ‘

Google adwords is actually now known as Google Ads but either way its the main pay per click marketing option most lawyers would use in order to drive traffic to the firms website and landing pages.    There are many things that go into doing a Google adwords campaign and its really easy to mess it up and if your bidding on high dollar keywords, which most lawyers are, then it makes sense to bring in a pro that has been doing Google adwords marketing for years and is familiar with everything that goes into it.    The main factor is your QS or Google Quality Score.

What Is The AdWords Quality Score?

In the simplest of definitions, the AdWords Quality Score is a numerical value given to a keyword that sits between 1 and 10, that then tells the advertiser how relevant Google thinks your keywords, ads, and landing pages are in combination.

The lower the score, the more you pay per click. The higher the score, the less you pay per click (notice how I said “click”, not “conversion”).


If you look at the graphic below, it shows how 4 different advertisers would be ranked based on factors like how much the max bid is, the quality score and then ad rank to determine the actual amount spent per click.     The main thing to notice here is how advertiser #1 has the lowest max  bid, but a high QS. So the bottom line is that they are only paying $1.61 as the #1 advertiser for that keyword, where the advertiser #3 had a max bid of $6 and wound up paying $4.01 as the #3 spot.   Doesnt seem to make sense but it comes down to the formula that I will explain and really its all about the QS, if you can get this higher, you will pay less no matter what.

—>  The Max Bid TIMES the Quality Score = AD Rank

—> Then the CPC = The Ad Rank of competitor below you / Your Quality Score + 0.01

SO in the example above, the #1 person is bidding $2 times his 10 QS = Ad Rank of 20

Then his cost is 16/10 + 0.01 = $1.61.

It call comes down the QS and getting that higher. First here is some basics on Google Quality Scores for lawyers.

Let’s start with the GQS basics…

Any time that someone searches a term in Google, AdWords may show ad campaigns above and to the side of the organic search results.  I say “may” because ads will only be shown if advertisers are interested in bidding on the keyword contained in the search term.

With AdWords, the ads are ordered based on their “Ad rank.”


Your ad’s ad rank is composed of 2 factors: how much you bid (cost per click – CPC) and your quality score.

The quality score is Google’s best guess at how useful your landing page is for the searcher of that search term. This can be understood as the ad relevance. It’s composed of many different factors.

Since it depends on the specific keyword searched, your landing page will get an individual quality score for each keyword in your advertising campaign. Usually they will cluster around one specific number (from 1 to 10), but sometimes you’ll see significant variation in quality score.

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4 Reasons a High Google Adscore Will Save Your Legal Practice Money

Reason #1 – Quality score affects your CPC: Google has a tough job when it comes to AdWords. They want to make money, but, at the same time, they don’t want to lower the quality of their search results.

So how do you balance this?

Google came up with their ad rank formula.

Since your ad rank is determined by some formula involving multiplying quality score by CPC, this means that one way you can decrease your CPC, is by improving your quality score.

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