Go Back In Time With The Wayback Machine

Did you ever wonder what your law firms website looked like back in 1999? Well if the firm had a site back then, odds are you can see what it looked like if you visit the very cool Wayback Machine website.

All you have to do is enter your firms website address and the wayback machine will then show you a page in chronological order of all the different versions of that web site.

So for example the law firm of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal has the first entry as of 5/25/98 and this shows you exactly what the site looked like back then, its funny because they have a logo for the "Year 2000 Computer Problem".  Then on the next version they have a ticker with a countodown to the year 2000.

Then you can continue to look at each year and every time the site was updated, they have a * next to the date. Its not perfect because sometimes the page isnt available and sometimes the graphics dont appear, but for the most part it can show you the chronological growth of a firms website and is a good online research tool.