Attorneys Reserve Your Domain Names Now

Its a wise idea to make sure you have all possible combinations of your firms practice and location covered in your domain names.  Obviously you want to have your firm name as your domain name if possible, but you also want to make sure to cover other variations of your name (Smith Law/Smith Group/Chicago Smith Law Group), also might not be a bad idea to pick up the other domain name extensions such as .net, .org and even maybe .biz in some cases.

Also its a good idea to cover your bases and get names that are related to your geographic location and practice area. So if your a Chicago Tax Lawyer, you would want to try and find any available combinations starting with Chicago Tax, if thats taken, which it is, then try Tax Lawyers Chicago or Tax Law, get creative.   The reason you want to grab these types of domain names, is that you should think of creating a site or a blog around those names.

Creating a narrow focus can be a benefit because the goal is to get organic SEO rankings for terms that you might not be achieveing on your main site, because your focus is to broad.   So if your a personal injury lawyer, creating a site specifically on just auto accidents can be a good idea, as long as you have unique content and evne better, create a blog around and create content just focused on the auto accidents part of your practice.   This then could result in you having multiple sites come up in the search engines or you can come up now for keywords you cant get ranked on with your main site.


It might be time to revisit your domain name stategy and bulk up your domain name arsenal.  If your a firm that has more then 5 practice areas and more then one location, you should have at least 20 domain names in your portfolio, if not more.   Get them now because they are only $10 per year, even less if you join the Godaddy Domain discount club (Then they are $7.49 each).