Creating a Brand New Legal Website

We have created a number of new websites, mini sites and legal blogs this year. One of the most recent websites we have created is for the New York Law Office of Michael Alpert.  The New York city law firm focuses on New York Estate Law, Immigration Law, New York Traffic Law, Real estate closings in New York and Civil Litigation.

This is a brand new site using a new domain name. New sites take more time to be recognized by the search engines, especially Google.  Google seems to give more weight to domains that have been around for a few years, but you expedite that by doing a number of things.

Here is the process for creating a new site for the first time and all steps involved from getting a domain name to getting new clients via the Internet!

#1- Secure the domain name or domain names
#2- Setup web hosting and email accounts for site
#3- Tie domain name and web hosting together.
#4- Create new website design, add legal images, add content.
#5- Apply search engine optimization techniques to legal website.
#6- Launch website, submit to search engines and directories. Build links to site.
#7- Write quality content for your site, update site frequently with new content & pages.
#8- Setup Pay per click campaigns and Google adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing & MSN.
#9- Create mini sites focusing on specific practice areas and a WordPress Blog for the firm.
#10- Sit back, watch people find your site, contact you and become new clients!


If you would like us to assist you with a new legal website, visit Lawyers Court for your legal web design needs.