Updated Legal Design & SEO = Top Google Results = New Clients

I blogged a couple weeks back about the first updated site we launchedfor Tax Attorney Ken Sheppard and I said I would be blogging soon about the Top Google Search rankings the site was going to soon have.  I didnt think it would be this soon!

Sometimes you have to start over with a site to get the best possible results at the search engines.  In this case we moved the site to a new webhost, created a search engine friendly design with an additional 15 pages of optimized content and fully optimized the site for the search engines. 

Just two weeks ago the site could not be found for any keywords, now the site is #1 for Ohio Tax Lawyer, #1 for Ohio Tax Attorney and its basically in the top 10 for all keywords related to Ohio Tax. Its even in the top 10 for national tax keywords such as irs tax attorneys and tax lawyers. These are harder keywords to get ranked for because your competing against everyone, not just attorneys in Ohio.

This site is still not 100% done and we are adding more content to the site daily.  No coincidence that the traffic over the last week has more then tripled.  I talked with the client today and he told me he got a high number of calls this week and signed up a few new clients as a result.  So already not even before the site is done, it pays off bigtime with new clients!   Plus he has a better looking site that is easier to navigate, has more content and is ranked in the top 10 for all his keywords, how is every lawyer not doing this? It works!!

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