Law Firms Finding Success With SEO


Alyn-Weiss & Associates has just released a study showing that 59% of law firms have used SEO over the past 24 months(up from 20% in the prior 2 year period). And 20% of firms said they got new business from SEO in 2007-2008 (up from 8% in the prior 1 year period). The average size of firm in the study was 46 lawyers.

I'd venture that the 80% of the firms who feel they didn't get new business from their SEO efforts weren't properly tracking traffic and conversions, didn't do the SEO right, or did a poor job of closing leads. Basically, it's somewhat difficult not to get new business (or least get new leads) over time when SEO is done right. 

I would agree here that the firms that say they didnt get new clients with SEO, either didnt really do SEO or more then likely didnt track where the new clients came from.   Every lawyer that we have helped with SEO or PPC has gotten new clients as a result.  Josh is correct in that if the SEO is done right, its almost impossible not to get new clents! 


3 thoughts on “Law Firms Finding Success With SEO”

  1. This is a great bit of fresh news, especially with the way the market is going for some businesses lately. Lawyers are one of those types of businesses that can benefit most from a good SEO campaign since they typically have a high transaction value per client. Even with a low conversion rate, they’re still probably doing okay.
    Plus, it lends itself to educating the client. That opens up the door for getting people on an email list, following up over time, and putting yourself in the position of trusted expert (if you do it right). And for some areas of law (business law, entities, etc), that might mean repeat business and a higher long-term customer value.
    Thanks for posting this.

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