Google Adwords For Lawyers

What is Google AdWords?

This is Googles pay per click program. If you type
in a search term like "Chicago Lawyers"
and click search, two types of search results come up: on the
left and below the search box are the organic search results
that are also known as natural or free results and on the right side of your browser screen, and sometimes
above the organic results, are the Sponsored Links.


An advertiser only pays Google for the times
when someone actually clicks on the ad and goes through to the
advertiser's website
. Thus the term, "Pay Per Click".


The higher the advertiser bids on a keyword combined with the users Google quality score will determine how high the ad ranks. So it's not always a matter
of bidding the highest amount, your campaigns have to be optimized so that they produce a high CTR – click through rate.

So this basically means you should create a number of different campaigns and ad groups and focus the ads on the keywords your bidding on.  If you only create one campaign and one adgroup and have like 50 keywords, your ads wont match up to the keywords your bidding on, so your quality score will be low and your ads wont show up as much, your won't get a high CTR and you will wind up paying more per click.

Sometimes its a good idea to
lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) and instead of being #1 for $2.50
a click, you can be #4 for only 50 cents a click. It takes some
tweaking and experimenting with different strategies but the goal
is to drive as much focused and qualified traffic to your site
for the best possible value.

There is no doubt that Internet marketing and pay per click marketing work, if you setup a Google adwords campaign and focus on the keywords related to your firms practice and have a professional monitor and maintain the account, theres a really good chance thaty ou will get a lot of traffic to your site of people looking for your firms speciality.

Marketing is more important than ever

94% of CMOs believe that "a tough economic period is precisely the time when marketing plays a key role."

Consumers will look online more

This year has seen a 10% increase in people who research online before buying in the store. Additionally, Compete, Inc. reports a 21.8% growth in oline search queries from last year to this year. *

* From Google Adwords Tactics 2008

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