Google Adwords Can be Very Expensive

Google adwords is by far the best place to bid on keywords for your legal practice BUT you have to be very careful that you don’t overbid.  I have had more then one lawyer who has paid 10 times the amount per click then they had to.

Some people are under the impression that the more you bid, the better your results but thats not true.  You might be guaranteed of a higher placement but in the long run you will waste a lot of money.

Sometimes you have no choice but to bid a high amount if you have a lot of competition and you want to be in the top 3. Yet usually you can get in the top 3 and not pay a premium price.

An example is the term Boston DUI lawyer, if you bid a max CPC of $60, you would probably pay around $20 per click. Now if that same person had lowered the max CPC to $10, then they would only pay around $3-4 per click and still be in the top 3 positions at adwords.  The savings over time can be $1000’s of per month and more.

With a savings like that, you could then hire an organic SEO specialist like myself and save even more money in the long run!!