Bigger Lawfirms Don't Do SEO

Most lawyers that contact me for doing organic search engine optimization or pay per click marketing are smaller law firms and solo attorneys.


I usually notice that bigger law firms websites aren’t optimized and sometimes you can’t even find key partners when "googling" them, let alone finding the firms site for keywords related to their practice areas.

I would think that bigger law firms with big marketing budgets would do more with search engine optimization and pay per click marketing.  This is good news though for the smaller firms of the world, they can compete and beat the bigger guys in online advertising.


I do have a number of bigger law firms that do recognize the value of search engine optimization and thats usually because of a sharp law marketing director.  Yet I find most law firm marketing directors don’t seem to understand how important it is to have some optimization done on the firms site, at the very least make sure your firm and its partners can be found at Google.

I do see more and more lawyers recognizing that online marketing is the wave of the future and replacing the yellow pages and traditional ways to advertise.

The latest large law firm client that we are working for is a Canadian law firm with multiple locations including Toronto, New York & London.

If you law firm needs assistance with search engine optimization or pay per click marketing, contact us today.

2 thoughts on “Bigger Lawfirms Don't Do SEO”

  1. virtual assistant

    I didn’t think that some big law firms don’t have any idea what SEO means and what it is for. These would mean small law firms have some advantage coz they can be found online. Big law firms must know what is the importance to be found online or through the net. SEO expert must encourage law firms to do SEO.

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