Good Organic Search Rankings= More Visitors = More Clients


Its important to know the difference between organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

Organic SEO is the process of getting your site listed in Google’s and other search engine’s main search
index and coming up in the free or organic Search Engine results,
located on the left side of the screen.

Pay Per Click is basically buying the rankings for keywords and bidding to rank higher then other sites, these PPC results come up usually on the right side
of the screen under "sponsored listings".

Anyone can get their site listed in the PPC’s by
simply paying for it, but getting organic listings takes time
and effort. Most studies show that people prefer to click organic
listings because they are more trustworthy, plus the nice thing about them is that you don’t have to pay a per click fee,
which can sometimes be over $10 per click.

SEO can help place your web site among the top search engine results for a particular search, which will lead users looking for your firm’s practice area to your web site. This is a good way to establish
your web presence and gain a solid flow of traffic to your site,  which can lead to new clients.

Each search engine has a different set of rules as to how they rank web sites. Among other things, SEO involves Keyword Research to find all the possible key phrases people
might use to locate your legal web site. Then its a matter of creating the optimized code for each page within the site and optimizing other key elements of the web site to make the site search engine friendly and ready. Once the site is optimized, then its a matter of submitting the site to the top search engines and directories.

Obtaining links from other quality web sites is the key to building your site’s

Link Popularity
score, which is a VERY important factor when search engines such as Google rank your web site. A combination of all these things will get your site listed at the search engines and get people visiting your site.

See some of the

we have had in the organic
search engine listings for some of our legal clients.

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  1. You are absolutely right about organic listings getting clicked on more than pay per click advertising. Once I optimized my website and got it on the front page of my keywords I got a ton more traffic, plus I get a higher conversion percentage. It has been a win win situation doing my website “right” instead of giving up 25% of my sales to the major search engines.

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