Creating New Legal Blogs for your Legal Practice

Creating Practice Specific Legal Blogs

When doing Internet Marketing and SEO for your legal practice, you want to focus on getting ranked for as many keywords as possible. If you have multiple geographic locations and multiple practice areas, then its going to be hard to be ranked for all possible keywords with one site. One solution is creating multiple legal sites and/or legal blogs that focus on a specific niche practice area and location. This way you can focus the entire site on that one group of keywords, instead of trying to focus on many groups of keywords.  Yet this site must be unique and have different content then your other sites.

Latest Legal Blog Design – Pasco Drunk Driving Lawyer

An example of this is for a Florida Criminal Lawyer who has multiple offices and has many different kinds of criminal matters he handles.  We have helped him create a new website for a geographic location (Pasco County, Florida) and practice specific (DUI) blog.


Sandefer Law Firm
4625 East Bay Drive Suite 203
Clearwater, FL 33764

Toll Free:   866-786-5297 (LAWS)
Clearwater   727-726-5297 (LAWS)



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This new blog has content all related to drunk driving and the Pasco County area. It also has pages of content related to the law firm, as well as links to main site and videos.

The new blog also has other features such as 

*  Free Consultation contact forms

*  Attention Grabber pop up asking user to fill out form

*  Social Media Icons setup on left side of all pages

*  Videos on firm from YouTube

*  Custom Twitter account setup with auto posting from blog

*  Full Search Engine Optimization Setup  (Site is ranked in top 3 for most keywords)


Upgrading Your Lawyer Website

It’s a good idea to upgrade your website every once in awhile. Sometimes you want to upgrade the design and graphics so it has a more appealing look.  Then other times you might want to upgrade so that you can have your site setup in a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily make edits to your site and post to the blog.


We can help your law firm create a new legal web design or upgrade an existing site.  We can also assist you with Attorney SEO marketing, pay per click marketing, YouTube Video marketing and Social Media Marketing for Lawyers.

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