Getting Top Organic Search Results

One of the goals of every lawyer web site is to get ranked high at the search engines for keywords related to the firms location and practice. Especially at Google!   This is what Ive been doing for lawyers for the past 12 years!

I remember working at the downtown Chicago law firm of Foran and Schultz and I was in charge of the firms web site, as well as the firms computer network.  Web design was a new thing and it was pretty cool putting up the firms first site, but I was more excited by the fact that the site could also be found at search engines like Alta Vista, Hotbot and good old Yahoo! Google wasnt even in the picture back then, but they were coming!

I remember telling the lawyers at the firm that it was an important thing to be found at search engines, they werent so sure and told me not to put in any more overtime on what I called Search engine site optimization! They were wrong because as we all know now, having your site listed at Google in the top spots can make a real difference in getting new clients.

There is more to do in todays age then just organic SEO, now theres pay per click marketing, videos, facebook, twitter, linked in, blogs and the list goes on.  Yet its always going to be key to make sure your site is coming up at the top of the search engines for your most important terms.


Getting top search engine rankings involve many things.  There is no one single thing to do, you have to do a lot of things over time. Its all about having a good domain name combined with great solid content and a solid social media and link campaign.   Most lawyers would never have the time to do all of this, so it makes sense to have an expert do it all.

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