Latest Legal Web Site Creation

We have created a number of new web sites for lawyers in the last few months. More lawyers are seeing the value of creating city or practice area specific wordpress sites/blogs.   The key with these sites like all sites, is that you need to keep them updated and add fresh relevant content on an ongoing basis.  Then getting links from other sites is also important. If you do everything right, then your going to come up on the first page of the Google organic search listings.

NEW SITE – Redmond Washington Personal Injury Lawyer – Already ranked in the top 3 at Google for most KW’s

New Geographic specific website created in WordPress featuring pages of content focused on different areas of personal injury, with keyword focus on Redmond personal injury and accident terms.

This site was created for a Washington personal injury lawyer who focuses on most areas within Washington.  The reason you would create a site for a specific area like this, is because you are trying to focus on specific sets of keywords.

Its hard to get ranked for every possible keyword combination at Google and with only one site, you can only get ranked for so many different keywords.

So if your main site is coming up in the top 5 for most Washington personal injury and Seattle personal injury terms, that is great and the main goal. Yet there are many other locations within Washington, so if your a person injured in REDMOND Washington, then you might type in “Redmond Personal Injury Lawyer”, or “Redmond accident attorney”, if you did that, you would fnd this site here at #1 or #2.  This is after only a month or two.

This is typical of the sites we do, they get ranked very high in the search engines and its not by accident! We know what we are doing and we do it all! We create the sites, we do the SEO marketing, we do the pay per click adwords marketing, we create Twitter accounts and get you followers, we create Blogs and actually blog, we make sure your site is also in full mobile format for not only Iphones but Ipads, we are on the cutting edge and If you would like us to assist your law firm, contact us now.