Lawyers Secure Your Twitter Name Now

Twitter is the latest rage right now and you hear about it all the time, everyone seems to be twittering or tweeting if you will.


It is a way to tell the world what you are doing at that moment.

You can follow other people and see what they are doing and people will follow you.  It's a good way to keep people updated as to what you are doing and a way to get your message out and develop a loyal following. 

It's not for everyone but one thing is for sure, it's here to stay and it's a very good idea to secure your Twitter account name now. Otherwise someone else might take it, either someone else with your name, or someone who is trying to pretend they are you.

It's FREE, so just goto the twitter signup page and fill out the simple form below including your username to secure that name.  As you type in your name, it will automatically check to see if it's available.



Buying your domain name for you law firm name is no longer enough to secure your business brand on the web. You also need to secure your Twitter name.

You don't want someone else to start twittering under your personal or firm name. The last thing you want is someone out there twittering in your law firms name. Maybe they have good intentions, but maybe not. In either case, an "unauthorized" individual is out there actively engaging with the community in your name.

Go secure your twitter name NOW. Even if you're not ready to engage the community, secure your name before someone else does. Its a good idea to do other social media marketing things as well such as setting up a LinkedIN Profile, Facebook, Myspace and Digg.

If your a lawyer and need assistance with social media marketing for lawyers, contact us for further information. We can assist your law firm in setting up a social media mareting campaign, including a Twitter account.