Make Sure to Upgrade Your WordPress Software

WordPress is an excellent system to use for your legal website, yet its very key that you keep your wordpress software updated to the latest version.  Sometimes its not that big of a deal unless its been a long time since you have updated.  The reason its important to keep your wodpress software updates is for security reasons. Sometimes hackers can exploit an older version of wordpress and inject malware of do other bad things.   So its key to make sure you update not only your wordpress software but also your wordpress plugins.


Its important to backup your wordpress files on a regular basis and if your going to upgrade, make sure you backup your database files first.    This way if something goes wrong after teh upgrade, you can always go back and restore the previous version.

Also sometimes when you upgrade wordpress, certain plugins might not work properly unless they are also upgraded.  If something doesnt seem to work after you upgrade, try and disabling some of your plugins.  If you install a plugin and something goes wrong, especially if you see a white screen, then you need to rename the plugin you just installed.


The latest stable release of WordPress is Version 3.2.1. You can download it here.  They are working on version 3.3 now and it will be released soon.