YouTube Video Manager Gets An Update & A Facelift

YouTube always seems to group their major announcements in little bunches. Hot on the heels of the brand new site-wide redesign, they’ve just announced another big change for YouTube creators. Today they announced a new YouTube Video Manager that has a new look, some new features, and an overall streamlined approach.

Highlights of the new Video Manager are:

  • Simplified top and left navigation bars to help you get to the tools you need more quickly
  • Icons to indicate privacy status, if monetization is enabled and scheduled publish status
  • Badges to indicate whether videos are HD, Creative Commons and/or captioned
  • A new look that’s consistent with our fresh coat of digital paint

If your a lawyer, its a good idea to have a YouTube video account where you can store all of your videos. Then you can easily embed the videos into any posts or pages you create on your website.  YouTube is a very popular site and another reason to have your videos setup at YouTube is that Google will at times use some YouTube video results in its universal search results.