Will Google Buzz Give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money?

Google launched a new social effort today called Google Buzz.
If you're immediate reaction is, "Wait, doesn't Yahoo! already have a
product named Buzz?" Then you'd be correct. But Google didn't acquire Yahoo! Buzz. Nor has Yahoo! Buzz gone defunct and Google felt ok about picking it up as a name.

The two products are alike in name and the fact that they're social. But that's about it.

Google Buzz lets you be social from Gmail. You can update your
status there and share photos. (Yahoo! Buzz is more akin to social
bookmarking and trending topics.)

Who do you share Google Buzz with? Gmail contacts, for one, but you
can also send your updates to Twitter as well. Your Gmail contacts can
respond to your updates, using the @ symbol much like Twitter and now
Facebook use. Your Gmail inbox will be used to push notifications to
Buzz users.

Buzz is rolling out, so it may take a few days before you get access. In the meantime, check out this vid to see how it works: