Attorneys Setup Chat on Your Site


Adding a chat box to your website can be a great idea and might be the difference between getting a new client or not.  Ive setup chat software for a number of lawyers and the results are solid.

The bottom line is that sometimes people will come to your site and they are not really sure if they have a case or need your legal services.  You want to do everything you can to make sure they want to contact you. Sometimes they might decide to call you, they might email you or fill out your contact for or they might just leave.  YET if you have a chat box that pops up and lets the potential client know that your here 24/7 to help them with ANY questions they might have, that could make the difference. The potential client might just decide to engage in a chat to see if they have a case and that could then result in them providing their contact info and possibly wanting to get connected to your firm right away via phone.


How most of these chat services work is that you pay a flat fee to have it setup on your site. Then you also pay a fee any time you get a solid lead, this means someone who provides their contact info and wants to possibly engage your services. If its a sales pitch or someone who is looking for the wrong type of lawyer or anything like that, then its not a billable lead.

So a potential client will click the chat button and then the box will pop up. A operator will greet them and ask how they can assist them. Right off the bat this makes it seem like you have someone at your office 24/7 that is always available to help.   The chat operator will not give legal advice and they will mainly just ask about the case and get a phone # and email address.  Then the client is presented the option of connecting right now to the law firm via phone.   This is a great feature and again this could be the difference between getting this client, because without the chat box maybe they leave. Instead they were curious, they asked a question via chat and then the next thing your talking with them.  So I think this is a really valuable service for ANY lawyer.


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