Auto Blogging for Lawyers Service

AI Tools for Lawyers – Automation and AI

Enhance Your Law Firm’s Online Presence with Auto-Blogging

  • Have high quality legal content created 
  • Content is fact checked using Perplexity
  • Have professionally done images and videos to use
  • Have content AUTOMATICALLY Posted to your wordpress website
  • Have content post to other social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter X and Medium.

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and incorporate it more into your practice. There a ton of things that AI can do starting with advanced content creation. This is not just some basic chatgpt ai article, these are researched, fact checked, deluxe pieces of content.  Then you can have it setup to automatically create blog posts for your WordPress website, as well as having content created and automated for your social media accounts.

Customized Content Creation

Our AutoBlogging and AutoMarketing services are designed to keep your law firm’s online presence vibrant and engaging. We create content customized to your specific practice areas, leveraging the latest case law and legal news.

Whether it’s detailed case studies, insightful industry news, or opinion pieces, our content is tailored to reflect your firm’s expertise and authority.

Utilizing Advanced AI Tools

We utilize advanced AI tools to ensure that your content is always relevant and accurate. Our AI systems continuously scan for the latest news and updates in the legal industry, fact-check information, and optimize content for SEO. This ensures that your articles are not only informative but also rank well in search engines, driving more traffic to your website.

Diverse and Engaging Content

Content diversity is key to maintaining reader interest and engagement. We produce a variety of content types, including:

  • Case Studies: Detailed analyses of recent legal cases relevant to your practice.
  • Industry News: Updates on the latest developments in the legal sector.
  • Opinion Pieces: Thought leadership articles that position your firm as an authority in your field. 

High-Quality Images and Multimedia

To complement our written content, we incorporate high-quality images and multimedia elements. These not only enhance the visual appeal of your posts but also improve SEO performance and engagement rates.

Comprehensive Automation Services

In addition to blogging and marketing, we offer a suite of automation services to keep your firm active across various platforms:

  • Twitter Automation: Automated tweets and replies to maintain an active Twitter presence.
  • YouTube Engagement: Automated responses to comments on your YouTube channel, fostering viewer interaction.
  • LinkedIn Engagement: Automated posts to keep your professional network engaged.

Turn Long Form Blog Posts into Social Media Summaries

We have a unique system that will use a custom GPT that takes your long form blog post, and creates shorter summaries for your, Facebook page, Medium site and other social media platforms. Then it will create unique images and animations for each post along with links to your different pages.   

Then on top of that, we have our magical AI system then create a unique video script based on your longform post, and come up with a unique 1-5 minute video clip that summaries and discusses your posts main points.  So now you have a new custom video that you can embed in your blog post, as well as adding to your other social media sites.

SIGN UP NOW – $249 setup, $49-279 per month

AI Content Auto Pilot

Have unique custom content created weekly for your website and blog, as well as your social media and video accounts. 

✍🏼 Creation of high quality Legal Content

✍🏼 Longform 2000-3000 words per article.

✍🏼 Using multiple APIs of different top LLMs including ChatGPT 4o and Claude 3.5 Sonnet. 

✍🏼 Also FACT Checked using Perplexity AI tool

✍🏼 Includes high quality images and professional video clips to use in posts

✍🏼 Setup with automation system to post directly to your wordpress blog, as well as LinkedIn, Twitter /, Medium and other top social media sites. 


Great for Professional Users
$ 279
30 Long Form Articles
2000-3000 Word Articles
Automation Setup
Multiple Social Accounts


Top Content & Automation
$ 129
15 Content Articles
1500-2000 Word Articles
Basic Automations
Update Social Account