Top 5 Uses of Chatbots for Law Firms

Top Reasons Chatbots Work for Attorneys

Since the beginning of modern digital era, having live chat features on websites has been vastly engaging for the law firms that are interested in conversions and bringing a special touch to collect leads from their website. And that is where chatbot for attorneys comes in.

Chatbot for lawyers is a new evolving technology that solves the present market deficiencies through an intellectual software solution.  The main reason to have a chatbot setup is to not let any potential clients that come to your site just leave without possible leaving their contact info.   If they leave, they are gone. If the chatbot gets them to start chatting and leave the phone and email, then you can contact them and follow up and maybe they become client, thanks to your chatbot!


1. Chatbots are 24/7 Assistants that offer ease of access

Your Chatbot does not need a break or a vacation like the human workforce.  It works 24/7 to provide the customers with legal help whenever and from wherever they need it. This technology could add a lot to the legal firms’ services making them better, smoother, and more proficient.

You can train your chatbot, like you might train someone who is going to handle the live chats.   You can provide answers to a variety of questions your potential clients might have.   You could program the chatbot to give info on each lawyer in the firm, answers to questions about specific practice areas and many other things.   As time goes on, you can learn from the answers you get from people using the chatbot.   The chatbot also learns via Artificial Intelligence and can add new questions people might have.      This is a big difference from a chatbot for facebook, here the chatbot will only give answers that you program, their is no AI in that case.

2. Chatbots Are Quick to Repond to People

Chatbots understand natural language questions and are quick to respond with serviceable and supportive legal information in simple English. A user can chat with the chatbot to get whatever information he or she need.  They are also very beneficial for people doing introductory research. Its chief benefits are easiness and accessibility, which means that anybody can find appropriate legal information.

The bottom line is that if someone comes to the website after hours or really anytime, it looks good that the firm would have a chatbot setup that can potentially help someone answer a question they might have.    They might just need directions, or want to read your reviews, or want to know if you give a free consultation.       These questions can easily be answered by the BOT, thus taking some burden off whoever else might have to answer these questions.

3. Chabots help collecting data

Chatbots come equipped with a tool to gather, study, and optimize the data. By using a chatbot, a legal firm can go through the conversation record to trace and evaluate the engagement process of the users. It helps them in identifying users’ behavior and the potential leads. If the firm knows how often the clients make use the chatbots, what their queries are, and what motivates their continual involvement, it proves to be a very valuable asset, which offers new perspective for the firms and encourages them to enhance their commercial practices.

The chatbots can collect a users email address and phone # and email you right away with this valuable info.    You can also go back through the chats and gather info that you might otherwise have no record of.

4. Chatbot for Customer Service & Educational Purposes

Chatbots for lawyers can also be used to engage and educate a client. As modern technology, for instance natural language processing helps in developing clients’ online association with legal firms as it converts the one-way communication into a mutual dialogue. It helps the lawyers in demonstrating their expertise and share new and significant content pertaining to the laws and policies of their residing city or country.

You can setup the bot so it has a customer service script vs. a lead generation script if your main goal is to provide customer service to the people that visit your lawyer website or blog.   The customer service script is more setup to provide as many answers to potential questions a user might have.

5. Chatbot for possible Lead Generation

Chatbots can be used for lead generation by simply engaging the user on the website and getting them to leave their contact info.   Some people might not want to go through hassle of calling a firm or even filling out a contact form, yet some people like the idea of instant satisfaction to a question that is on their mind.    So if the chatbox comes up, they very well might start typing a question they have and then wind up leaving their contact details, as well as describing their legal problem.

Looking at it from the outsider’s point of view, chatbots are a win-win situation for both clients and the law firms as they help and improve clients’ engagement while providing a valuable tool for lawyers to generate fresh leads and expand the clients’ base of the firm.

In last few years, the chatbot environment has been flourishing in almost all the sectors. Legal expertise and digital revolution give lawyers vital competitive advantages over their competitors and also helps them in bringing in new clients with new cases. When a legal firm starts using chatbots, it sets free the lawyers or human representatives in customer support team from managing everyday repetitive tasks that are time consuming and allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks that are of higher value and effect for the firm.


We can help you setup a bot like we have on this website.   Your bot can be pretty basic where its just collecting basic info from anyone who engages in a chat. It can also be more advanced where you program it with answers to questions related to your firm and practice.

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