Choosing the Right Domain Name for your Law Firm

Choosing the  right domain name or domain names can be pretty key when starting up your law firm’s website. Domain names are considered to be pieces of Intellectual Property and are highly valued.

Usually you can get a good enough domain name at Godaddy for $10 per year, yet sometimes you might consider buying a premium legal domain name when the high quality names are taken.   Having your firms main keywords in the domain name can be very beneficial towards your organic SEO campaign.    Yet finding a name like Chicago Probate Lawyer or New York Injury will probably not happen, those names are long gone.  So if you want a premium domain name, you will need to pay for it. Its always a good idea  to get a domain name expert to help you find the best value and best available names for your practice.

There are a few important points to consider when choosing the right domain names for your law firm. The most important is that you probably want to register multiple domain names  and the first domain names a law firm should register are its full name (, a hyphenated name (, or an abbreviated name ( or

Then any major practice areas should be considered (, in addition to website names that contain any other keyword phrases (, If a firm is successful at getting good domain names, success with search engine traffic should follow.   You should only register names though if you plan on utilizing them at some point as websites or blogs and having unique content on each.  It wont work to just buy a lot of names and just point them to the same site, or create  a bunch of duplicate sites.  Yet it would prevent your competition from having those names, so many law firms will buy multiple domain names with the idea of using them down the road, and also preventing anyone else from using them.


Many new domain name extensions have come along over the years, but a .com is still the most valuable. Usually you always want your main law firm name to be a .COM.  Then even your practice area or geographic specific names should be .com.  Yet .NET and .ORG can still work very well if its a good name.   Its better to get the name of ChicagoEstateLawyer.NET then settle for a .com like .  Usually you want to have a shorter memorable name and avoid names that have dashes in them, unless its a short two word name with one dash, like


We can assist your law firm with finding the right domain names for your legal practice. We can help find your main domain name and register it in your firms name, and also we can help find the best available geographic and practice area related domain names.  Contact Lawyers Court for more information on domain names for lawyers.