Creating a Mobile Version of Your Law Firm Site

Its pretty obvious now that mobile devices are for real and many people are using them. So it would make sense that you probably would want to make sure that someone who views your firms site on a mobile device, sees a version that is easy to read, easy to navigate and has your firms contact info, including your phone # readily available.


If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, that means that someone on a mobile device will see your site just like they would on a desktop. For some sites, its not that big of a deal because they have a basic text rich site. Yet for bigger sites that have flash animation, they can pose problems in that first most mobile devices, including the Iphone can’t read flash, so you basically have a big blank spot where the flash animation normally would be. Then also normal sites that look good on the desktop, sometimes don’t look as good and are usually harder to navigate. So some users who found the site might just give up and go find another site that is more mobile friendly!


Creating a mobile version of your site can be done in a number of different ways.  It depends on how your site is currently setup.  If your site is setup in WordPress, you have  a lot of different options on ways to get your site setup for mobile.  If you have a html regular site, then there are other ways to get a mobile version of your site.  Ive used a service called Mofuse and basically you setup a site using tools and you can add different elements to the mobile site. Then you would setup a custom domain name like and then you would have some kind of script setup so that it would detect if someone was on a mobile device and direct them to the mobile version.


Ive found that using wordpress plugins for the mobile site is the best solution.  Another reason to upgrade your current legal site to WordPress, it just has more flexibility and makes certain tasks easier.  There are a number of different plugins you can use to mobilize your attorney site. Most of them are setup so you dont use a custom domain name and instead your URL stays the same.  You can have your posts come up on your mobile site, or you can instead redirect it to any other page in your site, including your contact page or a special page you create for mobile users.    You have a lot of options but the goal is to make it easy for the user to view the pages and posts in your site, and to also make it easy for them to contact you, including the ability to click on your phone # and instantly call you on the mobile devise they are using.

If you look at this site on a mobile device, you can see an example of how the site would look.

We have helped a number of lawyers create mobile versions of their sites, contact us today to see how we can help your law firm create a mobile site.