60% Of Mobile Users Click Ads Weekly

More than 60% of mobile consumers click on mobile ads at least once a week, according to new research from mobile ad network Mojiva and InsightExpress. Of that group, about 20% are especially responsive, clicking on ads several times a day.

The study, based on a poll of 100 random users on the network, also found that about half or more of respondents would be willing to play a game, download an application, visit a Web site or watch a video as a result of seeing an ad. Less than a quarter (22%) said they would go as far as purchasing a product and only 17% would use an ad’s tap-to-call feature.

When it comes to ad units, about 21% on average indicated they would notice normal banner ads, video ads, interactive ads and animated banner ads. Surprisingly, only 2% said they would pay attention to screen takeover ads. The study suggested that’s because the aggressive approach these ads take may alienate users. But even if users find takeover ads a turnoff, how could they not notice them?

In terms of ad content, people were most likely to be receptive to ads related to retail stores, weather, restaurants and bars. That makes sense, given that people use mobile phones on the go. Among topics or industry categories queried, ads related to magazines, airlines, traffic and banks had the least interest for users.

Roughly one-third said they use their phones mostly “offline” for calling and texting, one-third use phones equally online and offline, and about the same proportion spend most of their time browsing the Web, checking email or doing other things online.

In terms of demographics, whites make up almost half (47%) of users, while African-Americans make up 26%, Hispanics 9%, Native Americans 3%, “Other” 4%, and 11% did not respond to the question.

Seventy percent or more of survey participants said they are responsible for household purchases in each of the following product categories: groceries, restaurant meals, personal items and/or electronics. For 60% of users, annual household income is below $40,000.

The Mojiva network overall had more than 100 million unique U.S. users and 471.4 million globally in April.