New Legal Site Design: Creating a Practice Specific Legal Site


Having multiple sites for your legal practice can be a good idea, as long as it makes sense and you have unique content for each site.   It makes sense to have multiple sites if you have multiple office locations, or if you have multiple practice areas.   Having a separate website and/or blog can help you standout for that specific geographic location or practice area. It can make you appear to be an expert in that one field.

For example if you are a Criminal lawyer and have a website that has 15 different criminal law specialties, as well as other types of law such as bankruptcy or estate planning. That might confuse a potential client, or they might think along the lines of they want a lawyer who just specializes in the area they are looking for, like DUI or Drug charges. So then it  might be a good idea ot try and focus on DUI or Drug law and create a site for just those areas.

The key then is to get a domain name that has the keywords you want to focus on. Then set the site up on a good web host and create a new design for the site and create content around that one specific area of law. Then optimize the site for the search engines around a specific set of keywords, and then continue to create new content for the site via blogging.

An example of this is a new site we created for a Chicago criminal lawyer who already has an existing main site but wanted to focus on drug law in Chicago. So we created a new website/blog with a keyword rich domain name and setup a new site with unique content on drug law with a focus on Chicago and other surrounding areas.

Visit the Chicago Drug Lawyer site to view the site.