Getting Dreaded “Your Site Has Malware” Message from Google

Ive had a number of lawyer clients contact me regarding the Malware message from Google.  Usually its only noticed when someone does a search for the firms name and the site will come up in the search listings BUT have a warning that tells the user that the site MIGHT have Malware and to not proceed.  Thats not good!
You could be losing traffic and potential new clients right now and not even know it.
Thats why you need to make sure that your site is well protected from hackers who will plant malware on your site if they figure our your login information.  It happens every single day and sometimes you would never even know anything is wrong, until you see that dreaded message.


The first thing is that you have to fix the malware problem and get it off your server.  Usually if you go into your Google webmaster tools account, they will notify you of this malware and list the URLs of the offending malware.  SO the first thing is to get these files deleted, but you also want to contact your web host right away and inform them of this issue.  Then you want to run a malware scan and see if you can find anything else, then remove it.   Then they will always suggest that you change ALL of your logins associated with this account.
Then once you do all of this, you can ask Google to review the issue after you let them know you have fixed it.  Usually it will only take a day or two to get the message removed.    Yet at this point its time to lock down your site and make sure your have top security setup.
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