Google My Business (GMB) Marketing for Lawyers

Google Local SEO for Attorneys

We have a special going for lawyers who want to get top Google My Business rankings and get more 5 star reviews from Google.    You can try this for FREE for 30 days to see how it works and only pay $499 and 99 per month for ongoing local seo and review marketing work.

We have put together a package for lawyers that covers what any lawyer needs……..

#1- To have your firm listed in the Google Local 3 pack for keywords related to your practice

#2- To have a system setup to make it easier to get 5 star reviews at Google

#3- To have new Images, Videos and Content created and used on your blog and social media accounts

#4- To have your NAP (Name, Address and Phone #) all setup and consistent across all sites.

#5- To have high quality citations setup for your lawfirm at a number of different related sites and directories.

#6 – Having a Press Release done announcing any news related to your law firm. The press release will then be distributed to 100’s of news media sites and will contain a link to your website and your firms NAP, Name, Address and Phone #, which are then citations that are listed at numerous high ranking and trusted media sites.   This can have a big impact on your Local SEO results.    * This is an advanced feature performed after first month and part of ongoing monthly service.

** SPECIAL Lawyer Local SEO & Reviews Package – 100% FREE FOR 30 Days, No Commitment and if your not satisfied with the results after the first 30 days, you can cancel and pay nothing.

After the first 30 days, then it’s a one time flat fee of $499 and then mk$99 per month for the ongoing Local SEO & Review work on your site.   You can cancel anytime and no contracts.

Sign up now below to start your free 30 day trial.  We will start the initial work to get your site better listed in the Google 3 pack, have the review system setup and create graphics and videos for your firm.    We are confident that you will want to continue the service after you see the initial results.  We then have a number of advanced things we will do including the creation and distribution of a press release with your firms contact information.

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