Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

PPC for Lawyers – Social Media Marketing

Social Media is big and Social Media Marketing is getting bigger every day.       Social Media Marketing is different then Social Media Management.    Social Marketing is more about doing Facebook Ads and other paid advertising at different social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.


Social media management for lawyers is about managing your different social media accounts, doing posts of new content, videos and images and then doing that on a regular basis.     Sometimes and a lot of times you combine the two.  If your doing a facebook post and then you boost that post or do some kind of facebook ad around the post, then your doing both.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social Media is another way to advertise your law practice and possibly get new clients.    A lot of lawyers do not use social media at all, let alone for marketing.  So that should mean its wide open for those that decide to use it!   No doubt most of the time I see that getting clicks are cheaper at Facebook ads vs. Google adwords.          Yet you can not bid on keywords at Facebook like you can at Google adwords. Its a different kind of advertising.  Its more about targeting the right people and then also using the facebook pixel to track visitors to your website, then you can do campaigns of ads that only get shown to those people who showed interest in your site in the past up to 180 days.  Many other things you can do with facebook marketing and you should at least take a look and see if it would be a good fit for you.


#1- Facebook

#2- Twitter

#3- LinkedIn

#4- YouTube

So first off you want to make sure these social media accounts are setup and optimized with images for your logo and banner. Then you want to make sure that you update these accounts with content, images and videos.   Then you can run ads at the different programs and use the content you posted along with images and videos.     We can help you setup the accounts, then create different ad campaigns that consist of different ad groups.   Each Ad group will focus on a different audience and within each ad group we will have 2-5 ads running.   These ads will have different images, videos and ad copy.    You want to test out what works and sometimes you need to spend a little money to get the best data, then once you optimize the campaigns, the costs can go down because your ads have a HIGH RELEVANCY SCORE with facebook.  Contact us for a FREE Estimate for your law firm.

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