Instagram Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Instagram for Attorney Marketing

Lawyers should be using ALL forms of social media these days.  At the very least it makes sense to claim a listing at each of the main social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn).    Instagram has been gaining in popularity and its one of the most popular social sites for sure.

Although Instagram might seem something kids will use, the fact is that Instagram is incredibly popular among consumers of all ages, cultures, and genders. As a result, many marketers and businesses are beginning to see the value of integrating visual content into their social media marketing strategy.

One of the reasons why Instagram is so popular is because it is a simplified version of Facebook with an emphasis on sharing visual content, such as photography and images. Users can also communicate, “follow”, and interact with one another by commenting, tagging and private messaging.

Regardless of whether your business sells a product or offers a service, you can use Instagram to build brand awareness, expand your audience, engage with your audience, and even generate leads.

Follow these 5 easy tips to become an Instagram expert:

1.  High Quality Images. Your Instagram marketing efforts will only be as effective as the quality of your photos. One of the best ways to save time and compose better photos for Instagram is to shoot square photos, which is super easy to do from any Smartphone. This saves time from having to crop photos later.

2.  Hashtag This. Still confused by hashtags? Check out Instagram’s Explore feature to find posts related to trending hashtags before publishing your post. The goal is to use trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand. You can also now search trending hashtags by emoji! #legalmindblown

3.  Mix it Up. One of the best and most effective ways to make the most from Instagram is to create a blend of content with both images and videos. In fact, videos are shareable and more engaging, and can even generate three times more inbound traffic to your website than written content! Get rolling!

4.  Bring Your Story to Real Life. Instagram is all about visual storytelling. Not only can you use videos to bring your story to real life, you can also use video to bring a product to life without coming across as too salty!

5.  Make Your Content Shareworthy! Another easy way to engage your audience via Instagram is to add captions to your images. Try using attractive graphics with an inspirational quote or tip. Combine this with a trending and relevant hashtag and you have instantly made your content easy to digest and share.

You want to use Instagram as another way to get the word out about your law practice. Its possible to use images and videos on regular basis to tell the story of your law firm and how it handles a bunch of different practice areas types of law.