Lawyer Web Design – Practice Area Focus

One strategy you can use with Internet marketing is creating multiple websites in addition to having your main website.  You can create geographic specific sites that focus on one location, or you can create a practice area specific site that focuses on specific area of your legal practice.

Sometimes there might be a class action or brand new type of legal matter that you want to focus on right away. Sometimes creating a site that is focused just on that specific area can be a good idea and a good way to come up in the organic search results.  If done right, you might even get multiple sites to come up on the first page of the search results.

The latest practice area specific site that we have created is for a Securities law firm that focuses on securities litigation and class action matters.  This new site is for a Lehman Brothers matter.  The firm is  currently investigating claims on behalf of investors in several securities tied to Lehman Brothers.   So we have created a site for the Lehman Brothers UBS matter that focuses specifically on this investigation.

The site has information about the firm and then information on this specific Lehman Brothers matter and a way to contact the firm.

The goal of this site is to get organic search engine traffic for all Lehman brothers related keywords.

The site can also be used as a good landing page for the pay per click campaigns at Google adwords.   Having a landing page that focuses specifically on the keywords your bidding on can improve your Google adwords quality score.

Its also best to send people to a specific page instead of just your home page.  People have short attention spans and want to find what they are looking for right away, make it easy for them and they will probably contact you.

If you would like us to create a wordpress legal site for your law firm, contact us today.