Setup a Lawyer Chatbot Virtual Assistant

Chatbot Virtual Assistants for Attorneys

I wrote about using a chatbot for your legal site over the last month and there are two different types of chatbots.    One is the kind you will use at Facebook with facebook messenger and facebook ads.  THEN the other kind is the virtual assistant kind that is specifically for your website that I am writing about here.


LIVE Chat has been the next big thing for awhile now and a LOT of law firms have those chat boxes setup where they have a “Live” agent ready to answer any questions and collect names, phone #s and email lead info.   They are trained on what to say….almost like ROBOTS!  Wait, how about just using a robot, or BOT?  They pretty much do the exact same thing and the Bot here via AI (Artificial Intelligence) can get smarter as it learns and it can suggest new questions and answers to use.

SO usually these Live chat services are PRICEY, like a monthly fee and then a per lead fee.  So for every lead they collect, it can be like $20-30 or more. Maybe its less now but I know its a pretty high fee and if you get 10 leads thats awesome, but for $300 over the week?!   Plus a monthly fee and another vendor to deal with.


It’s using a Virtual Assistant Chatbot.    Ive tested this out and its a really awesome system.  It allows you to have a chat box come up where your asking the person if they have any questions.  THEN you can have some answer buttons that they can click on, and you can also program the BOT so that it has answers to many different questions.  SO if someone asks the question “Do you give free consultations”, the BOT will respond with YES if you do, along with some info and links to the form.   Then if they ask for directions or hours or anything related to a specific practice area or attorney name, the BOT will have the answer and will try to engage the user and will have the person leave their name, email and phone #.


Setup this chatbot box on your website so that you can capture users that might otherwise leave.   Here they might click on the chat and wind up leaving an email or phone number, which is a HOT LEAD!  Plus when someone is looking for info, they appreciate it if you make it easier for them.   So you can program the bot here to answer a lot of questions,     You could also do some pay per click marketing and send the user to a landing page that has the chatbox come up to engage them right away and hopefully at least get the contact info.   ALSO another difference with this system vs the facebook chat system, is that YOU can jump in to the chat and take over and answer any questions live with the person.  OR you can leave it to the bot to follow a script and have a big FAQ library.   This makes sense and the thing here is that once this is setup, it works like a charm.   The BOT works 24/7, 365 days and will email any new leads it gets of any new chats.

What answers can my Legal Chatbot Agent provide?

You can teach your Agent answers on dozens of questions.  The best part of it is that your Virtual Agent includes Self-Learning features that will automatically detect valuable questions for which it has no answers.

More about Self-Learning

It is quite complex for website owners to find out what visitors look for (in their own words), what questions they have, and what the best answers are, in order to convert.
This is exaclty what your Agent will learn for you, i.e. what questions/answers are most important for visitors to turn into leads.
The Agent self-learning feature determines this based on analyzing previous chats against lead generation rate.This in turn enables it to identify important question that have no answers.   Your Agent will send you notifications on newly added “questions” for which it is recommended to provide answers.Once new answers are provided, it use them in chats with visitors, and it will measure the impact of the changes on the lead generation rate, and provide new recommendations.
Over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, making it your best skilled salesmen into the art of converting visitors into leads!

Give your Legal Bot a Personality!

Your Bot doesnt have to be lame!  Make it so it has a big fun personality, while keeping a professional tone as well.    Yet you can make it so it has non robotic answers showing a good sense of humor.   You can even have it suggest a good joke once in awhile.  Clean of course and maybe even a lawyer joke.  The main thing you want your bot to be is SMART and Helpful. If its also funny, well that a triple threat that your not going to get from most human assistants!


We can help you setup a bot like we have on this website.   Your bot can be pretty basic where its just collecting basic info from anyone who engages in a chat. It can also be more advanced where you program it with answers to questions related to your firm and practice.

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