Welcome (back) to the Legal Search Marketing Blog (2019)

Re-Launch of Legal Search Marketing Blog

Welcome to the relaunch of the Legal Search Engine Marketing Blog. We will bring you the latest news on the search engine industry with a specific focus on the legal community.   We will help your law firm be able to rank in the Google search results and improve your law firms Organic SEO, Local SEO, and even video SEO results!

Lawyer SEO

Holy Shit this Blog has been going since 2005! Thats frigging almost 15 years now.    So Im going to update this post with today’s date of February 5, 2019, and make this the relaunch of the Legal Search Marketing blog. 

This blog in the past was just put up in order to link to my lawyer clients sites and to just blog about the latest search engine related news, mainly Google SEO for lawyer news.


Yet over the past year, I’ve made this into an SEO marketing blog for Lawyers, posting not only the latest Google news and other search engine marketing related news but also SEO tips for lawyers.    I am going to be posting as many valuable tips as possible for the legal community. We will focus on everything related to search engine optimization for attorneys including Keyword Research for lawyers, organic seo marketing, latest Google my business tips and everything else related to getting the best possible results for your law firm.


SEO is always changing and evolving each and every year it seems.  Yet some things remain the same as they were in 2005. Back then it was very easy to get ranked and you just had to optimize your TITLE and meta tags, and get a few links with exact match anchor text, and you would probably easily be in the top 3 at Google for most of your keywords.

Yet Google has made it MUCH harder to get ranked and to get quality traffic to your legal site.  YET if your a lawyer who writes a lot of content and has a good brand, then your probably going to be in good shape and don’t even need to do that much.

There are so many new things though that you must do in 2019, over 2005.  Social media accounts for one, earning backlinks from a lot of different sites, creating videos and the list goes on.


Today it comes down to a few different things as far as “how do you get your lawyer website ranked #1 at Google”.   First off there are a few different places to be #1.   The Local SEO Map results is one place, the organic listings is another, and then Google has all kinds of other ways they show content in the search engine listings.

You must create high-quality content that is 2000 words plus and is relevant to your legal practice.   You must get listed in the right legal directories and make sure your Name, Address, and Phone # (NAP) are all exactly the same.  You must have social media accounts set up and get social signals to your content.

This means people are sharing your content and engaging in it by making comments.   Your site must be mobile friendly and fast in order to rank higher these days.    Then getting links from other sites is usually what the secret sauce is going to be, but the right sites.  You need links from high authority relevant sites and they should be using your law firms brand name in the anchor text.

Updating Your Lawyer Blog Posts from Past

One of the many SEO techniques that you need to do in 2019, is to go back through your older blog posts and check for a few different things including:

  • Duplicate Content – (You can use the tool of siteliner.com to check your site for duplicate content)

  • Thin Content – This means content like this blog post that was maybe 100 words total.  I now am updating it to add another 600-1000 words of content, this way its not so thin.  I am also updating the date to let Google know this is new fresh content!

  • Non Relevant Content – Sometimes over the years your content might not be as relevant or might be a post that you just would like removed.   So what you need to do is 301 redirect these older posts to a new post or page that makes sense for user to find.   This way any link juice that these posts have, will be carried over to the new post or page.

Then also you might have blogged about the same thing 10 times over the years, so it might make sense to combine those posts into one main post. You can also do a 301 redirect of older duplicative posts where you are talking about the same subject as in a new post.

Nathan Gotch of Gotch SEO talks about the importance of not cannibalizing your keywords.  So I am going back through all of my older posts and making a number of updates and probably going to redirect like 150 posts or more.  Then maybe 50 of the posts will be deleted and 50 of them will be updated for 2019 lawyer Search Marketing. I am in the process of doing project for a few different personal injury lawyers, as well as updating my Chicago SEO website.

If you need any assistance with improving your law firms SEO results, contact us for a free SEO audit of your legal website.