Why Chatbots Make Perfect Sense for Lawyers

Chatbots for Lawyers

Chatbots are here to stay and I can see why.   They basically are assistants that work 24/7 365 days a year.  They can serve in a customer service function and make it easier for people to find answers they might have.    They also can help generate leads and be used in combination with facebook ads.

Chatbots are one of the hottest tech tools on the market today.  Almost every business is looking to use chatbots for customer service.


ALSO for a few years now, CHAT has been somewhat of a hot topic in the legal industry.   It seemed that having a LIVE CHAT option available made perfect sense because you could get an overseas person to easily read a script and take down basic contact info, and then pass it along to the law firm,    YET I aways thought that wasnt that great of a solution because Each lead can costs upwards of $30.  As you can imagine, this gets expensive fast.  Paying someone to collect data from prospects 24/7 often becomes too expensive for many law firms to utilize for the long term.  Cost, therefore, is a major drawback when using live agent chat.


People are worried about Robots and AI and rightfully so.  When Elon Musk says hes worried about it, you take it serious.    Yet at this level, bots can be very useful and provide a lot of value.      I mean the chatbot can replace the Live Chat system that many law firms have right now.    I mean whats the big deal about a live agent collecting info from a potential client?  They are just reading a script and probably have a worse personality then most bots!  Then they pass on the info to the lawyers, ok and for that firms are being charged a big setup fee, monthly fees and per lead fees? I would say WTF?!


You can setup the chatbot on your facebook page so that when someone trys to message you, the chatbot will take over and have answers to any questions the person might have.  Then you can also set it up on your site in a few different ways, including like I have right now on this site at the top of the page.     You can also setup a landing page where you can send people to engage with your bot, or send someone a link to your bot, OR you can also setup facebook ads and send people to messenger instead of your website.

So once the chatbot is setup and programmed to answer questions, you can then connect it to your site and facebook page.  Once its setup, then its ready to work for your 24/7, 365!  There are many advanced things you can do here as well, like collect email info and pass it on to your email program.

The language used in a chatbot should be:

  1. Short (one or two sentences)

  2. Conversational

  3. Simple (avoid heavy legal terms if possible)

If you’re building answers into your chatbot, make sure you structure them in a way that it is easy for the user to read and understand.

Effectively using chatbots on your law firm’s website can help improve the customer experience and save you time and money in the long run.

You can also use Chatbots to generate new leads. You can use facebook ads along with facebook messenger to build up leads and usually for much cheaper then Google adwords.   This is a more advanced service, but really just the customer service assistant part of this should be enough to convince any lawyer to utilize a chatbot. Also to replace any live chat system that is setup.    I mean why not instead pay a fraction of the price to have chatbot for your firm that will serve as assistant, as well as possibly a lead generation machine.

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