Facebook Ads & Messenger Marketing for Lawyers


Using social media is more important then ever for lawyers.  You have to do as much as you can with social and facebook is your most important social account.   You can do a lot with your facebook account including running facebook ads.  Usually these will drive people to your website. but you can also do an advanced ad that targets people and sends them to messenger app instead of the website.


You can setup your chatbot to use with facebook ads and drive people to your messenger instead of website.     First off odds are this is going to be cheaper then most forms of internet advertising because its so new and not that many law firms are doing this.

So lets say your a lawyer who gives a FREE Consultation, you can run a facebook ad which promotes your practice and talk about how you give a free consultation.  THEN if someone is interested and clicks on the ad, it will then take them into the messenger app instead of going to your site.   Then once they are in messenger, the bot takes over and you talk about your services and then the bot asks “Are you interested in getting a FREE Consultation?” , and YES is the only answer listed, they then click on YES and the bot then responds with ways to setup this free consultation.     One advanced thing you should do is setup a calendar at a system like Calendly, where you can then put a link to that page where person can setup an appointment right from messenger.

Also when the person clicks YES, they are then automatically included in your facebook messenger list and you can now send them messages with some restrictions.  Also the person is in the messenger program once they start a chat, SO this means that you can follow up with people easily from within messenger and not lose people who come to your site but are not ready to really contact you.

So you first need a chatbot setup using a chat program like chatfuel or manychat, then you need to have a facebook ads account where you can then setup a facebook messenger ad. You would then need to add this special JSON code which you would generate from your chat program like ManyChat and then plug it into your facebook ad.


We can assist your law firm with getting more leads using a chatbot with facebook,  We have a special going this month where we have a chatbot package that would include a new chatbot for your firm and a facebook ads campaign using facebook messenger.

—> You can also test out our new assistant bot, Law-Bot 

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