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Internet Marketing for Attorneys Facebook Social Media Marketing for solo lawyers and smaller law firms.  Does it work? Does it make sense? YES AND YES FACEBOOK ADS & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR LAW FIRMS Facebook ads are HUGE business for Facebook, just like Adwords is huge for Google.   Facebook ads are different then adwords because your not bidding on keywords. Instead your putting up your ad and showing the ad to a specific audience.    How specific and good that audience will determine how well your advertising goes.   You want to show your ad to people who might want to see it, so for starters it should be shown to people who live within a certain mile radius from your firm and where your serve people.   You can really pinpoint it and only show ads to people 5 miles from this zipcode, and people who are business owners, or are married or own a home.   There are a lot of combinations and for lawyers its a littler trickier because they are not selling something that everyone might want.    So you dont want to just show your ad to everyone and have it show up in some 18 year old high school seniors facebook feed or someone over 65 who is in town visiting. SELECTING THE RIGHT FACEBOOK AUDIENCE You can create as many different audiences as your want and thats the key.  You want to create a number of different audiences and then test them out on the different campaigns you will run.     So you will need to be creative and test different combinations of things out but sometimes it can be as simple as choosing people within 2 miles of a zipcode that make over a certain income, are married and in certain age bracket. USING FACEBOOK PIXEL AND CREATING RE TARGETING CAMPAIGN You want to get the facebook pixel setup on your lawyer site ASAP.  This will help facebook track all the traffic that goes to your site.  Then once that builds up a little, you can then create a pixel custom audience of JUST the people that visited your site over say the last 60, 90 or up to 180 days of stats.   Then your ad would just be shown to those people on facebook. CREATING A CUSTOM AUDIENCE USING AN EMAIL LIST You can also create a custom audience from an email list.  So if you have a client list of say 500 emails of people who joined your newsletter or are somehow on your email list, then you can take that list and import it into facebook. They will then match that list up and find those people on facebook if they can, usually they can.   Then just like the pixel audience, this audience of your email list will then see whatever ads you show. CREATING LOOK A LIKE AUDIENCES You can then have Facebook create a LOOK A Like audience which will take your pixel data and go out and find an audience that is pretty close to the people on that list and then create a new audience.  You can then whittle that audience down and then test out different audiences on different campaigns. SETTING UP CAMPAIGNS, ADSETS AND ADS You will want to setup a campaign for each of your main topics that you want to promote.   So if your a firm that handles bankruptcy and personal injury matters, you might setup 3 campaigns.  One for each of those practice areas and then a general law campaign.   So for the first campaign of Bankruptcy, you would then create ADSETS for each bankruptcy topic.   The adset is where you will choose the audience that will see your ad and then under each adset you will have multiple ads.   SO the first ADSET here would be General Bankruptcy and I would choose an audience, choose how much I will pay and how I will be billed (Per Click, impression, etc), THEN I would create ads under that adset which would have images or videos, along with text describing what the ad is about.    So here it might just be an ad with the firm name and that it handles bankruptcy matters in that area.  THEN you can create a 2nd ad which might have different text and images. THEN you could create the next adset for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and then you would choose a new audience (You could here choose a pixel audience if you have this created OR an email list audience or any other custom audience)     Then you would create different ads and then keep that process going. PAYING FOR THE ADS So the first thing to do is set a daily budget of no more then $5-10. Then also set an end date for your campaign so they are just going forever. Then you can choose if you want to pay every time someone clicks on your sites link OR you can choose to pay on impressions and a few other options.   So this is another place it can be tricky and you need to pay attention to this and monitor things to see what works.  Sometimes you need to stop campaigns and switch it up to something else.  Change images, use videos, use different ad copy and landing pages. —> Social Media Management for Lawyers  —> Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

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Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Social Media Marketing Program for Attorneys Social Media is another way to advertise your law practice and possibly get new clients.    A lot of lawyers do not use social media at all, let alone for marketing.  So that should mean its wide open for those that decide to use it!   No doubt most of the time I see that getting clicks are cheaper at facebook ads vs. Google adwords. We have a program available that will create a social media marketing campaign for your firm.   You can do a number of things here including creating a Facebook Like campaign to build the number of likes to your site. You can create a facebook ad campaign that targets ONLY people from your Email List,  Or a campaign that targets a Look a Like audience that is close to your email list.  There are many things you can do with facebook ads including just putting up an ad and targeting people in your local area. Does Facebook Ads for Law Firms work? YES, just ask Happy Joey! You can also advertise on other social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, pretty much everywhere! YET You only want to advertise where it would make sense for you, You have to figure out where your potential clients would most likely be and then put your ad in front of them in order to get them to your site.   Then once they are on your site, you want to make some contact with them and the best idea is to get them to join your email list or facebook messenger bot. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT FOR ATTORNEYS We have a special social media management program for lawyers that includes the following: Review and Optimization of your main 5 Social media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Instagram) Setup of any social accounts you do not have already setup – Includes graphic work for accounts. Setup of all social media accounts in special Legal Social Media Management Software that will keep track of all account, post content to all accounts. —> Read more on Social Media Management Program for Lawyers PRICING–> $500 FLAT Fee to Setup Program ; $250 per month for ongoing monitoring, content, images and more. —>  Fill out the online contact form to take advantage of this deal ASAP.

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Facebook Ads & Messenger Marketing for Lawyers

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR ATTORNEYS Using social media is more important then ever for lawyers.  You have to do as much as you can with social and facebook is your most important social account.   You can do a lot with your facebook account including running facebook ads.  Usually these will drive people to your website. but you can also do an advanced ad that targets people and sends them to messenger app instead of the website. FACEBOOK MESSENGER AND ADS = GENIUS You can setup your chatbot to use with facebook ads and drive people to your messenger instead of website.     First off odds are this is going to be cheaper then most forms of internet advertising because its so new and not that many law firms are doing this. So lets say your a lawyer who gives a FREE Consultation, you can run a facebook ad which promotes your practice and talk about how you give a free consultation.  THEN if someone is interested and clicks on the ad, it will then take them into the messenger app instead of going to your site.   Then once they are in messenger, the bot takes over and you talk about your services and then the bot asks “Are you interested in getting a FREE Consultation?” , and YES is the only answer listed, they then click on YES and the bot then responds with ways to setup this free consultation.     One advanced thing you should do is setup a calendar at a system like Calendly, where you can then put a link to that page where person can setup an appointment right from messenger. Also when the person clicks YES, they are then automatically included in your facebook messenger list and you can now send them messages with some restrictions.  Also the person is in the messenger program once they start a chat, SO this means that you can follow up with people easily from within messenger and not lose people who come to your site but are not ready to really contact you. So you first need a chatbot setup using a chat program like chatfuel or manychat, then you need to have a facebook ads account where you can then setup a facebook messenger ad. You would then need to add this special JSON code which you would generate from your chat program like ManyChat and then plug it into your facebook ad. LAWYER CHATBOT MARKETING We can assist your law firm with getting more leads using a chatbot with facebook,  We have a special going this month where we have a chatbot package that would include a new chatbot for your firm and a facebook ads campaign using facebook messenger. —> You can also test out our new assistant bot, Law-Bot  Contact us today at 630-202-9208 or fill out the contact form below. [Contact_Form_Builder id=”11″]  

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