Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Social Media Marketing Program for Attorneys

Social Media is another way to advertise your law practice and possibly get new clients.    A lot of lawyers do not use social media at all, let alone for marketing.  So that should mean its wide open for those that decide to use it!   No doubt most of the time I see that getting clicks are cheaper at facebook ads vs. Google adwords.

We have a program available that will create a social media marketing campaign for your firm.   You can do a number of things here including creating a Facebook Like campaign to build the number of likes to your site. You can create a facebook ad campaign that targets ONLY people from your Email List,  Or a campaign that targets a Look a Like audience that is close to your email list.  There are many things you can do with facebook ads including just putting up an ad and targeting people in your local area.

Does Facebook Ads for Law Firms work? YES, just ask Happy Joey!

You can also advertise on other social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, pretty much everywhere! YET You only want to advertise where it would make sense for you, You have to figure out where your potential clients would most likely be and then put your ad in front of them in order to get them to your site.   Then once they are on your site, you want to make some contact with them and the best idea is to get them to join your email list or facebook messenger bot.


We have a special social media management program for lawyers that includes the following:

  • Review and Optimization of your main 5 Social media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Instagram)
  • Setup of any social accounts you do not have already setup – Includes graphic work for accounts.
  • Setup of all social media accounts in special Legal Social Media Management Software that will keep track of all account, post content to all accounts.

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PRICING–> $500 FLAT Fee to Setup Program ; $250 per month for ongoing monitoring, content, images and more.

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