Apple Ipad Apps for Lawyers

I have been using my new Ipad 2.0 and its a really amazing device that EVERY lawyer should have.  There are so many things that can make your law firm more productive and I will be reviewing some of the top apps here over the next few weeks.

One of the first Ipad APPS you should get is DROPBOX –

You can sign up for a free Dropbox account and it puts a folder on your computer and the free app  on your iPad as well. Anything you throw in Dropbox at your computer shows up on your iPad and vice versa.

Install Dropbox on all your computers and all your mobile devices to have a virtual filing cabinet everywhere you go. What’s better, the starter 2 GB of storage is free. If you have significant file needs, you can get more space for a fee (e.g., 50 GB for $100/yr, 100 GB for $200/yr). Dropbox has about 4 million users which means that app developers often include Dropbox compatibility as quickly as possible.