Google AdWords for Lawyers: Example of how to save money for Law Firm Ads

Adwords for Law Firms – How to Save Money on Campaigns

Google Adwords is the main way your going to do Pay Per Click Marketing for attorneys usually.   Its a pretty simple thing where you pay Google to show your ads when a user does a search for your practice area keywords.

Is Google AdWords worth if for solo lawyers and small law firms? YES! 100% for sure if done right, you will get new potential clients contacting you.

Yet many lawyers will waste 1000’s of dollars because the campaign is not setup right. There are a lot of different options with Adwords and the problem comes when your bidding on SUPER PRICEY Keywords for Lawyers.  Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Family Law and a few others are really really expensive.  I mean its no big deal if your paying 40 cents a click BUT if your paying $30-200 per click, then it get get bad really quick.

Ive seen a lot of lawyer campaigns where they are bidding way to high, or not setting a budget, or bidding only on broad match keywords and a number of other things that will make your campaign not a winning one.

*** Here are a few TIPS to make your lawyer AdWords account work better.

#1-  Setup Conversions in your AdWords campaign to measure the ROI of your campaign.

#2- For Every Ad, have a Landing Page that fits the keywords you are bidding. Do not use the HOME Page.

#3- Organize your campaign into different AdGroups

#4- Have at least THREE Ads for each Adgroup

#5- Research your competitors to see what Keywords they are using

RECENT CAMPAIGN FOR LAWYER USING GOOGLE ADWORDS – Huge increase in Impressions, Clicks & Lower Costs

I had a lawyer client recently who wasnt thrilled with the last couple of months of Google adwords advertising because they spent about $2000 and only had one conversion and no real leads.  This is what can happen when your bidding on personal injury or car accident terms.

Lawyers will bid as high as $200 per click, Ive seen it as high as $721 and Im sure someone will pay $1000 per click if they feel it will lead to a new client.

SO with this lawyers campaign at Adwords, I was able to login and review it and could see a few issues right away that could be improved. Some of the issues that I saw:

  • The bidding strategy was setup so that Google would decide on the bid and the max bid was set to $75

  • The landing pages were almost ALL the sites home page instead of practice specific pages.

  • No contact form on the landing page

  • Broad Match keywords resulting in searches that were not related to personal injury

—> Numbers from Previous Adwords Campaign for 12 day period…..  (7/23 – 08/03/18)

(Practice Area Campaign #1…)

—> Total Impressions = 389   (The ads didnt really run much because the budget was spent so quick after just 1-2 keyword clicks)

—> Total Clicks =  7

—> Avg Cost Per Click = $35.00

—> Conversions = 0

—> Total spend = $230.00


(Personal Injury Campaign #2…)

—> Total Impressions = 777

—> Total Clicks =  12

—> Avg Cost Per Click = $40.00 ……

—> Conversions = 0

—> Total spend = $474 + 230 = $704.00

So here you can see they spent $704 on ONLY 19 clicks from those two campaigns. Since they cost $35-40 per click, it was more expensive and the campaigns had to be shut down early and why the impressions are lower.      Then the even bigger issue was the ZERO conversions.

19 Clicks for $704  vs. 110 Clicks for $515 

I created a new Campaign with multiple adgroups and ads.  Instantly the cost per click went from $35-150 down to $2-15 tops. Also because the past campaign was setup so the price was so high, the ads stopped running and the total impressions were low.

New Campaign I setup for PI keywords and that has run for past 12 days…

—> Total Impressions = 4,300 

—> Total Clicks =  110 

—> Avg Cost Per Click = $4.95 

—> Conversions = 2

—> Total spend = $515 


* Impressions went from 1000 to 4000 over same 2 week period.

* Clicks went from 19 to 110 over same period

* Total cost was lower ($515 vs. $704) and Per Click went from $40 to $5.

Then even better the campaign got 2 conversions and a number of phone call clicks.  So this is an example of how you can #1 lower the overall cost and #2 Improve the Google Quality Score and conversion rate.

Google AdWords for Lawyers 

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