Google Launches Webmaster Help For Hacked Sites

Has your lawyer site been hacked or compromised?

If you are in doubt about the chances of your site getting compromised, the recent release of Google’s webmaster help for hacked sites should be a good indicator on just how widespread this problem is. If you have a website, be advised that it does not matter if it is big or small, your site stands an equal chance of being compromised. Perhaps, the more popular ones are more prone to attacks, but then again, those popular sites are likely to have increased “defenses” and proper “recovery plans” in place, in case something happens. How about your site?

Google knows that this is not a small risk to site owners and in lieu of the ever increasing threats out there, has created a whole new section on how to tackle matters if your site has sadly been compromised.

Start by reading these articles on how to increase your websites security, specially in you are on WordPress…

The articles (and guides) above, if you have read and implemented some of the suggestions, will not guarantee 100% security. Nonetheless, it will help to increase your websites security and prevent as much as possible attempts to hack your site.

Now, in the likelihood that those suggestion have failed to avoid your site from being compromised, this is where you may want to head over Google’s Hacked site help section for further information on how to deal with the problem.


Following the discovery that your site has been compromised, follow through the next steps, as provided on Google’s help for hacked sites.

1 Watch the overview (completed – you just watched it, right) Beginner
2 Contact your hoster and build a support team Beginner
3 Quarantine your site Intermediate
4 Touch base with Webmaster Tools Intermediate
5 Assess the damage (hacked with spam) or
Assess the damage (hacked with malware)
6 Identify the vulnerability Advanced
7 Clean and maintain your site Advanced
8 Request a review Intermediate

If you need assistance with your lawyer site that has been hacked or compromised, contact us today.

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