Google Now Shows You Your Most Recent Links

Google has added a new option for downloading your links in Google Webmaster Tools. You can now click on a “download latest links” button.

The latest links download option will download your links that Google Webmaster Tools discovered but do so sorted by date. Google will have the link in one column and in the other column list out the date Google discovered the link.

Matt Cutts tweeted the feature upgrade recently, saying:

You can now download links from Google *sorted by date*. Nice. Look for “Download latest links” in console UI. Pass it on!

This may be one of the best features with the link reporting tool within webmaster tools. Being able to quickly see your most recently acquired new links might be helpful in tracking link acquisitions, as well as determining which links might have caused a penalty.

This is very useful information and for example, if Google sends you a letter about them detecting spammy links to your site, you can look at this list and try and determine the links they are talking about and do something about them.