iMobiTrax to Combat Mobile Ad Network Click Fraud

On Friday, the team behind iMobiTrax spoke an uncomfortable truth: the mobile advertising networks on which most advertisers place their mobile advertisements  run rampant with click fraud.

This means millions of dollars are being wasted by honest advertisers while the mobile ad networks are making fortunes providing sometimes useless and even fraudulent traffic practices.

If you’re not familiar, iMobiTrax is a self-hosted application designed specifically to track and optimize campaigns that target mobile devices.

With iMobiTrax, merchants, agencies and affiliates will be able to quickly and accurately analyze click data from smart phones, feature phones and tablets, right down to the device, carrier and operating system. This will allow for incredibly accurate post-click optimization, resulting in higher ROIs and increased scalability.

“Mobile marketing is way more than just its own unique marketing channel, it’s a UNIQUE mass media,”says managing partner of iMobiTax, Ralph Ruckman. “Even thought TV, Print and Internet advertising was before it, mobile advertising is the most widespread form of mass media worldwide. It’s also the most personal. What makes mobile advertising such an effective marketing tool for advertisers is that you are reaching consumers one at a time on their mobile devices versus tv, print, radio and Internet advertising where you are reaching mass audiences all at once.”

“Advertisers whom utilize the Proprietary mobile tracking platform of iMobiTrax have already reported less click loss from mobile devices which have slower load speeds than traditional computers,” Ruckman added. “In mobile, a fast platform is essential in retaining the clicks and visitors you already paid for. iMobiTrax has been benchmarked and optimized for speed, reducing the chance that any request will time out.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Watch